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This is Jay with his Santa Clause beard. 

My wife, Wilma and I started our business about 5 years ago (2009), when we were contracted by Lynn Oakes of Blue Acorn Woolens out of New Albany, Indiana to build tapestry looms exclusively for her.  We have built several hundred for her and continue making more.  We also make rug hooking looms exclusively for Donna Jo Copeland of Breezy Manor Farm in Mooresville, Indiana. 

 Back in the 70's my father built looms and my mother did the weaving. They had used the name "Couch's Little Workshop".  My father died when I was in my early 20's. Several years ago I had ask my mother if we could use the name "Couch's Little Workshop" and she said she would like that very much.  My mother died a few years ago at the age of 95. 

 So we take great pride in our business.  We want to honor my parents by providing a quality loom at an affordable price. We try to keep our prices down so that more people can experience the joy of weaving and the pride that comes from creating something for themselves and others.

 When I first started making rigid heddle looms, I would weave on them and try to come up with ways to improve them.  So, eight prototypes later we arrived at what we feel is the best quality and best priced loom on the market.

We offer a trade-up program to make it more affordable for most people who enjoy weaving. They can start out with the 10" loom and if they enjoy it then they can bring  back the 10" loom special and accessories and we will  give them the "$100.00" that they had paid off of the larger 24" show special.  No other loom company I know of has a program like that.

 We really enjoy seeing people get excited about being able to finally own a loom, especially the children. Getting the children or themselves a hobby for $100 is not out of reach for most people.  The video equipment and games that people buy are far more expensive.  Our looms are built to be able to be passed down to generation after generation.

Quality Looms @ Affordable Prices

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Quality Looms @ Affordable Prices

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